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Learn what you need to know to create and operate a successful organic regenerative market garden.

In this masterclass, Yotam will personally support you on your market gardening journey as you grow a productive garden and improve your garden's topsoil health and biodiversity with every season.

Save yourself thousands of wasted hours and dollars by focusing on what matters and avoiding costly mistakes.

Join a community of learners as we dive deep together into creating and operating a market garden that fits your values and context.


Join us and learn what you need to know to have the best possible start to your market garden.

We have created this comprehensive course based on a working model and vast experience teaching organic regenerative market gardening. In this course, you will:

  • Join a group of like-minded learners as we go together on an 9 weeks journey into organic market gardening.
  • Learn from a master gardener.
  • Gain access to a wealth of information that you can go back to for reference.
  • Get answers to all your gardening questions.
  • Learn all the critical components of establishing and operating a market garden. We have got you covered! We cover basic and advanced growing techniques, crop planning, microgreens growing, management, marketing and even topics like farmer care. Check out the complete syllabus below.

Yotam openly shares his 16 years of horticultural experience as a teacher, operator and manager. The information in this course is our most precious resource, and what enables us to yield over 10 tons of produce from a 1/3 acre of land with gross sales of over $120,000 of greens and vegetables a season, using organic and regenerative no-till methods. In this course, you will find all the information we would have loved to know and have access to when we started our market garden.

You Get Access To:

  • 15+ hours of in-depth videos to walk you through each topic.
  • 300 pages of downloadable detailed information covering everything you need to know to set up your market garden, loaded with pictures, illustrations, tables and charts.
  • 10 Weekly live online meetings with Yotam and peer students. In these weekly sessions, Yotam will personally answer students' questions and elaborate on topics of interest.
  • Demonstrational videos from the garden.
  • Useful templates to assist you in creating systems, crop planning and documentation for health and safety purposes.
  • Optional assignments are designed to help you build up your market gardening skills and establish your farm as you complete each lesson.
  • A Learn More section for further deepening of your understanding of the topic.
  • Join the community! On joining the course, you will be invited to join our private online market gardening community Facebook Group, where you can discuss your ideas with fellow students.

From the day the course begins, you will have 1-year access to the course platform (course materials can be downloaded for future access).

100% satisfaction guaranteed! 14 days refund policy, no questions asked. Email us within 14 days, and we will fully refund your investment.

Upon the completion of the course, you can download a Certificate of Completion.

When purchasing the course, you will receive a discount code for ordering market gardening equipment from ActiveVista.

Join the coming course, starting on the 18th January 2022

Weekly Live Questions and Answer with Yotam Kay will start on Tuesday the 18th January 2022 at 6:30 pm (New Zealand Time).

The session will be held every Tuesday, at 6:30 pm (New Zealand Time).

Weekly sessions dates:

January - 18th, 25th

February- 1st, 8th, 15th, 22rd

March - 1st, 8th, 15th

Course Price is $797 NZD

(Valued at $1,497 NZD)

Learn what it takes, ask questions, and kickstart your market garden off to the best start.

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Course Structure

Lesson 1: Farm design

Lesson 2: Infrastructure

Lesson 3: Soil health and fertility

Lesson 4: Growing strategies

Lesson 5: Propagation and seeding

Lesson 6: The top crops

Lesson 7: Growing microgreens

Lesson 8: Crop planning

Lesson 9: Irrigation

Lesson 10: Pest and disease management

Lesson 11: Tunnel house design and season extension

Lesson 12: Marketing

Lesson 13: Management

Lesson 14: Accounting and financial planning

Lesson 15: Health and Safety

Lesson 16: Farmer care

What participants say about this course

"If you have aspirations of becoming a small market gardener then I highly recommend this course. Yotam is a very generous and passionate tutor who willingly shares his knowledge and experience in growing vegetables. The course is extremely well structured taking you from the beginning of garden design and set-up, through crop selection and growth and ending with the marketing and financial aspects of running a commercial venture. The course material provided is extensive and all my questions were answered either within the material provided or through the weekly live tutorials conducted by Yotam. This course gives you all the information you need to know - then it's over to you to make it happen!" Wendy A.

“Firstly I just want to say thank you for all the information in your online course...I’m finding it super helpful in setting up a little market garden for the 1st time.” Jess

“I am really enjoying the course and am so impressed with what you are doing and what you have created, very inspiring and thank you for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm!” Cordelia

“Really enjoying the course, so well put together and explained.” John

“We have finished the course today in the morning and it has been a highlight of our day when we read it together. It is really well written and easy to understand. Every time we are working hands on we can refer to the information we got from the course.” Thiago and Renata

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts on the 18th of January 2022 and the last session live session is on the 7th December 2021. All of the course material will be accessible until 15th March 2022.

Do I have to join the live weekly sessions?

Although we recommend you do, you don't have to join them. You can view the recording at any time that is convenient for you.

How much time should I expect this course to take?

While it highly depends on your level of engagement with the material, we recommend dedicating 3 to 6 weekly hours to get the most out of the course. This time includes the live weekly session, reading the material, watching course videos, participating with the learning community and allowing time for completing the optional assignments. If you are short of time during the course, you can complete reviewing the material and complete the assignments at a later date.

How do the assignments work?

The assignments have been designed to help you set up critical systems to gradually build a successful market gardening business. They are not evaluated, not mandatory, and can be completed at your own pace.

The assignments vary in length and format. Some assignments are design exercises, and others include developing infrastructure and garden practicals.

How can I ask questions that I have?

You can ask questions and receive answers in several ways. The best way is to come to the weekly live session. Alternatively, you can submit your question before the class, and Yotam will answer it there.

You can also ask questions in the groups' private Facebook group and receive answers from fellow and past students.

Who is this course for?

This course is primarily for aspiring market gardeners. You can establish a market garden to suit the scale and intensity that works for you. Whether you want to sell vegetables from your backyard, lifestyle block or grow on 5 acres. In all these situations, you will benefit significantly from the information and advice laid out in the course, and you will be able to ask questions and receive expert advice.

Is this course suitable if I am not in NZ?

Yes. The vast majority of the content in this course is suitable for gardeners from both hemispheres, not just New Zealand and Australia, as the art of small-scale market gardening is universal.

The main strategies and techniques illustrated in this course are applicable in many parts of the world, but the examples and suppliers provided are specific to New Zealand. In the main text, all of the figures appear in the Metric System and the Imperial System. The figures in the appendixes and tables are currently only in the Metric System.

I am not sure I am ready to commit to establishing a market garden, is this course for me?

It is the perfect course to take if you question the suitability of this trade with your context and life goals. In this course, you will learn all about this trade, what you need to know, and what skills you need to develop to be able to market garden successfully.

How quickly can I start making a living from my market garden?

It depends a lot on your previous gardening and business background. While market gardening is highly accessible for anyone to start, it is best viewed as a long term career move, as there are many aspects of the trade that takes years to master. Although you can establish a market garden quickly and get sales coming in within a few weeks (we had students that made over $50,000 in sales in their first season with no previous growing experience!), like many small businesses, it can take 2 to 3 years to reach financial stability.

I have started growing and selling produce, but I want to upskill, is this course for me?

Market gardening is a skilled occupation, and it takes years to fully master it. Many gardeners have got the growing part relatively sussed out, but are lacking in business management, marketing and creating systems for smooth operations. This course will help fill in any gaps in your knowledge and skillset, so you can maximise the potential of your market garden operation.

Is this course suitable for home gardeners or community groups?

While there is valuable information in this course for gardeners at every scale, this course primarily focuses on making a living from gardening, and we cover in-depth all the systems that support this goal.

Please check out our home gardening online course, The Abundant Garden, on our website.

What size land do I need to take part in this course?

Having access to a garden plot will help you complete the recommended assignments and practise the techniques. While having access to 1/4 acre will allow you to operate a full-scale market garden, a garden of 50 square metres (538 square feet) will allow you to follow all the assignments and practice your growing skills.

We recommend that your garden is easily accessible to you and that it gets full-sun exposure (8 hours of direct sunlight).

Can I enrol and take the course with a friend?

The course enrolment is for one person to join the program. If a friend wants to join the course they will need to enrol separately.

How is this course compared to a horticultural course?

This is not your average horticultural course, and the focus is not on theoretical aspects of plant biology. Instead, this course is focused on proven strategies, practical skills and task-specific information. The course is specifically catering for small growers, based on a working model which we have been refining since 2014.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

If you are unsatisfied with your investment, contact us in the first 14 days, and we will give you a full refund.

I have a question, how do I contact you?

We are always happy to answer questions. Please email us at [email protected]

Your Instructor

Yotam Kay
Yotam Kay

Yotam Kay is a master gardener who loves growing plants and sharing his passion for it. He has been growing vegetables and teaching others how to do it since 2005. Yotam dedicated his career to learning about growing vegetables organically in a regenerative way, with the burning question "how much food can be grown in a small piece of land efficiently and regeneratively?". Niva and Yotam established Pakaraka Permaculture Market Garden and Educational Centre for Regenerative Living" in Thames, New Zealand in 2014.

Yotam studied Environmental science, holds a Diploma in Permaculture Design and is a certified Permaculture teacher. Yotam worked on a wide range of projects before establishing Pakaraka Permaculture; leading community garden projects, establishing food gardens and sustainability programs in schools, and managing commercial organic gardens in New Zealand.

Yotam is passionate about transitioning to sustainable food production, focusing both on backyards and commercial growers. Yotam's had direct experience in teaching thousands of people, both beginner and seasoned growers.

Yotam and his partner Niva co-authored the #1 Bestseller book The Abundant Garden.

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