In this course, you will find all the information we would have loved to know and have access to when we started our market garden.

Learn from one of New Zealand's leading small scale organic market gardeners.

The information in this course is our most precious resource, and what enables us to yield over 9 tons of produce from a ¼ acre of land with gross sales of $100,000 of greens and vegetables a season.

Yotam openly shares his 14 years of horticultural experience, as a teacher, manager and operator. In 2014 Yotam and his partner Niva established Pakaraka Permaculture Market Garden. Since 2016, when Pakaraka Permaculture had reached its current performance, Yotam has taught organic market gardening workshops to hundreds of aspiring market gardeners.

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The Organic Market Gardening Online Course Curriculum

Lesson 1: Farm design

Lesson 2: Infrastructure

Lesson 3: Soil health and fertility

Lesson 4: Growing strategies

Lesson 5: Propagation and seeding

Lesson 6: The top crops

Lesson 7: Growing microgreens

Lesson 8: Crop planning

Lesson 9: Irrigation

Lesson 10: Pest and disease management

Lesson 11: Tunnel house design and season extension

Lesson 12: Marketing

Lesson 13: Management

Lesson 14: Accounting and financial planning

Lesson 15: Food safety

Lesson 16: Farmer care

Your Instructor

Yotam Kay
Yotam Kay

Yotam Kay is a master gardener who loves growing plants and sharing his passion for it. He has been growing vegetables and teaching others how to do it since 2005. Yotam dedicated his career to learning about growing vegetables organically in a regenerative way, with the burning question "How much food can be grown in a small piece of land?". Which lead to establishing Pakaraka Permaculture market garden and educational centre in Thames, New Zealand with his partner Niva. Yotam studied Environmental science, holds a Diploma in Permaculture Design and is a certified Permaculture teacher. Yotam had been working on a wide range of projects before establishing Pakaraka Permaculture in 2014; leading community garden projects, establishing food gardens & sustainability programs in schools, to managing commercial organic gardens in New Zealand.


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